Vejibag FAQ

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What are Vejibags made of?

Vejibags are made of organic cotton which is sustainably produced and processed. The manufacturing of Vejibags takes place in a socially responsible business with employees as co-owners.

How do I use the Vejibag?

Wet the Vejibag thoroughly, wring it, wash the vegetables, and put the washed vegetables in the Vejibag. Close the bag and put it in the fridge. CAUTION!! also pre-washed vegetables need to be washed again. This is because the plastic packaging is filled with a gas during the production of these pre-washed vegetables to increase their shelf life.

How do I clean my Vejibag?

The Vejibag can be washed at low temperatures using a washing machine. CAUTION! It is cotton so it could shrink! The print will fade, because we used a natural ink which gradually fades.
If the Vejibag doesn’t get clean, we have a solution that works every time.
You may already know this, but baking soda is not only suitable for baking. If your Vejibag doesn’t get clean in the washing machine (caution! wash at low temperatures) over time, then the next tip might be something for you:
Take ½ a cup of baking soda and warm water (not too hot!) and soak the Vejibag in this for a few hours in a bucket. Rinse after soaking and wash it during a normal cotton wash cycle (do not wash with delicates, like silk and linnen).

What is the shelf life of my fruits and vegetables in the Vejibag?

This really varies depending on the type of fruit or vegetable. In our experience, leafy vegetables will remain fresh for at least a week after purchase. For other vegetables this can be over 2 weeks after purchase!

Can I keep all vegetables in a Vejibag?

The Vejibag is most suitable for “water loving” vegetables. So… vegetables that contain a considerable amount of water. There are no fruits or vegetables which you cannot wrap in a Vejibag. Shelf life is not only determined by how long the fruit / vegetables have been stored outside the refrigerator, but also by the origin of these fruits and vegetables.

How long will a Vejibag last?

In case of normal usage the Vejibag will last a very long time. Of course the Vejibag’s beauty will diminish through usage. However, this doesn’t impact functionality. Washing it by using a washing machine can eventually affect the durability of the product, but you may assume that the Vejibag will last for a few of years when used normally. Comparing it to a T-shirt, eventually after a number of years the fibres will deteriorate and the cotton starts to tear.

CAUTION! the print will fade quite quickly. But this is entirely due to the (naturally based) ink used for printing.

Is Vejibag certified?

Yes, the print (inks used) are certified for use in contact with food. The cotton is grown at small local farmers in the United States. Because the cost of certification is not realistic for these farmers, Sally personally monitors the whole process from plant to Vejibag to ensure it is as sustainable as possible.