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Vejibag keeps vegetables fresh a lot longer than those packaged in plastic.

Vejibag (manufactured in the USA) creates a cool and humid space that enables your vegetables to breathe. Perfect for storing lettuce, spinach, carrots, broccoli, celery, aubergine, beets, sprouts, mushrooms & more!

The Vegibag is made of sustainably produced organic cotton. This cotton is turned into a complete Vegibag in a socially responsible business with employees as co-owners.

How does the Vegibag work?

Water in the fabric vaporises slowly and transports the moisture from the vegetables to the outside of the Vegibag. This creates a humid environment that enables vegetables to breathe and slows down the spoiling process in a natural way.

Cleaning the Vejibag

The Vejibag can be washed at low temperatures using a washing machine. CAUTION! It is cotton so it could shrink! The print will fade, because we used a natural ink which gradually fades.

Vejibags are made of organic cotton which is sustainably produced and processed. The manufacturing of Vejibags takes place in a socially responsible business with employees as co-owners.

The print (inks used) are certified for use in contact with food. The cotton is grown at small local farmers in the United States. Because the cost of certification is not realistic for these farmers, Sally personally monitors the whole process from plant to Vejibag to ensure it is as sustainable as possible.

Become a reseller?

Vejibag sales in your store or online shop? We are distributor in the EU, please contact us for the possibilities.