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With SoapLift Longer enjoyment of your soap!

You surely recognize this, you’ve just bought a new beautiful piece of natural soap, but with use so much of the soap is lost.
Then SoapLift is the solution for you!

How does it work?
SoapLift allows water to drain and air to circulate underneath your soap, making it dry much faster.
This decreases the loss of soap and makes your soap last longer. SoapLift can be used with or without a soap
Just a tat to big?
SoapLift can be adjusted to your preferred size by a pair of scissors. Just one SoapLift underneath your soap will suffice.

What is SoapLift made of?
SoapLift is made out of eco-friendly BioPlastic on a cornstarch basis.
BPA and Phthalates free!

Fits with every interior!
SoapLift is available in a variety of different colours which give you choices to accent your soaps or match your decor.

Also a great idea: Stack multiple colours of SoapLifts for a beautiful and colourful effect in your bathroom
or kitchen.

SoapLift is manufactured in the USA by SeaLark Enterprises Inc. Patent in application.

Stack a number of colors SoapLift on each other and give color to your interior!

Your SoapLift can be cleaned under running water. And is the size something to big? You can just cut the SoapLift with a pair of scissors!

SoapLift is available in a wide range of colors