Bag-again FAQ

How long can I keep by bread fresh in a Bag again bread bag?

Sliced bread remaind 1 to 2 days fresh in a bread bag. A loaf of bread (not sliced) a bit longer. It depends on the type of bread. The crust will be a bit more crusty then in a plastic bag.

Can I use Bag again in the freezer?

Yes! You can put your fresh loaf of bread in a Bag again bread bag in the freezer up to 2 or 3 weeks.

Can I wash the bread bag?

Yes, on a low temperature. The bread bag may shrink a little bit, but will still be large enough for a loaf of bread. It is not necessary to wash it after each use. Just take the crums out and use it again.

The fabric wrinkles and shrinks. It that right?

Yes, it is. The bread bag is made of the purest organic cotton and will look a bit different after washing it. The fabric will be softer, has more wrinkles and shrinks some. That is normal, the size will still be enough to pack up a whole loaf of bread.

What kind of cotton is used?

We use unbleached organic cotton that is GOTS-certified. With this certification you can be sure that the materials are produced in anenvironmental friendly way and that there is fair trade and good labour conditions.