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Bee’s wrap small
17,5 x 20 cm

This size is perfect for wrapping up half a lemon, avocado, a beautyful piece of Pecorino etc.
Also, it works perfectly for covering a small bowl. The Bee’s wrap small is available in a 3-pack.

Bee’s Wrap Medium
25 x 27,5 cm

Wrap vegetables, herbs, a piece of cheese and cover bowls with the medium size wrap. Bee’s wrap medium is available in a single package and a 3-pack.

Bee’s Wrap Large
33 x 35 cm

The ideal size for wrapping up cheese. The Bee’s wrap large is available in a single package and a 3-pack.

Bee’s wrap Bread
43 x 58 cm

Pack a whole loaf of bread of cover a big bowl: use the Bee’s wrap Bread.

Bee’s wrap sandwich

For your on the go lunch! Put your sandwiches in the middle, fold the ends of the wrap over it. Finish with the one with the hemp twine and wrap it around the hardwood button.

Bee’s wrap sandwich ‘Mimi’s Purple’

The sandwichwrap in the beautiful colour ‘Mimi’s Purple’. Wrap stylish and sustainable your snacks or sandwiches!

Bee’s wrap baguette
35,5 x 66 cm

The name gives it away: this size is ideal to wrap a baguette! It keeps the baguette lovely soft with a crunchy crust.

Bee’s wrap set of 3 assorted

Three sizes of bee’s wrap in one packaging. This set contains a small, medium and large. Pefect when you start using Bee’s wrap.

Bee’s wrap set of 3 assorted ‘Everbody’s Teal’

The special ‘Everbody’s Teal’ contains three sizes of bee’s wrap (small/medium/large). The print has great blue/green geometric lines. So nice in your kitchen!

Bee’s wrap set of 3 assorted ‘Mimi’s Purple’

The special ‘Mimi’s Purple’ contains three sizes bee’s wrap (small/medium/large) in a beautiful purple colour with a print of clover. Clover is a very important plant for honeybees, so how great to have that as a print for your bee’s wraps.

Bee’s wrap

The organic cotton and print is GOTS-certified. So, it is eco- and labourfriendly produced.

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