Eco warehouse is a distributor for sustainable products. We’ve decided to go with a small range of products that we represent. That way, we can be sure that we can give all of our products the attention they deserve. Of course, we first extensively tested all of our products ourselves before making the decision to distribute them. So we stand 100% behind the products, the companies that make them and the way they’re produced.

We’re currently the EU distributor for Bee’s Wrap, Food Huggers, Vejibag, Stasher bag, Bag-again and Soaplift.

We sell to retailers in the EU.

Bee’s wrap

The natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

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Food Huggers

Use Food Huggers to keep fresh cut fruit and vegetables.

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With SoapLift Longer enjoyment of your soap!

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Stasher bag

By By plastic, say hello to Stasher bag! Made of 100% pure platinum silicone, so no plastic, but its benefits, and more!

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The Avocado Sock

A Perfectly Ripe Avocado Every Time.

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Vejibag keeps vegetables fresh a lot longer than those packaged in plastic.

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Bread bags

Participate in reducing plastic waste: keep your bread in a Bag-again bread bag!

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